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Soothe Rough edges with some cream of compassion.

To maintain harmony and peace and be one of “Love and Light” one must remain in their heart-space.

Heart space is authentic and real, it harmonizes logic from the head and instinct and feelings from the gut, taking each part, even if conflicting, and loving all sides.

When you truly love yourself, you will also love all aspects of yourself that you previously didn’t accept or was in judgement about. Those aspects become great teachers.

Becoming a sovereign soul means you are in the knowing that you are the sacred child of divine gods and goddesses. You stand in that power once your consciousness realizes the power of your words.

Heart space is love, it’s the core essence of your divine nature and it’s THE SuperPower that will get US ALL over the hurtle we currently face- this external opposition.

What is internal becomes external. Your “inner world” creates the “outer world” you experience.

When you’re in judgement you are in ego.

Read that again.

When you are in judgement you are in ego.

When you are in judgement you are also simultaneously bypassing you’re heart space. You’re superpower that has the ability to see the divine light in all your brothers and sisters is bypassed.

We are bypassing the very core lesson in being a sovereign divine soul- love.

It’s all about love. Unconditional love. Love full of acceptance and grace. With a heart full of unfathomable faith in what God Father and Mother Goddess have created.

For is to believe we can destroy an Entity such as the Goddess Mother Earth is pure dumb ego. The Great Mother could purge as us all at any moment. To believe that we can play God and really know another’s heart, is also ego. I don’t care how intuitive you are, you may be able to get bits and pieces but you can never truly know another’s experience.

Soothe Rough edges with some cream of compassion. You do not know what you don’t know and you can never know anyone else’s truth. Their divine path is not below yours based on beliefs.

When things are chaotic, you’re in the middle of the storm, you can be the Lighthouse of love, stand on your Rock and shine your light, or you can struggle in the rough waters, trying to keep your boat afloat, trying to to save yourself from shipwreck in the storm.

Staying in love is being the Lighthouse in the Storm.

Being in your heart space means a radical paradigm shift for many.

Take note of how many times you’re in judgment in a day. Shift your judgement by applying the cream of compassion, understanding the other humans around you are your brothers and sisters, with the same divine gift as you. All sacred mirrors and lessons. Apply the cream of compassion and send everything love. Send your judge love and send your judgement love.

Being in love is being the Lighthouse.

Some days you can’t be like this and that’s in awareness and send it love too... you are human and will make mistakes, just like everyone else.

No one above, no one below, no one equal. Everyone is different.

As light has the bias in our existence, Darkness cannot overtake the light and it only takes 1 tiny flame to light up a whole room.

Your Truth is your Truth and should not be projected on to another. Only you can live your Truth, your truth is your gift, it’s your divine compass, follow it to the gold at the end of the rainbow .

Always always, the answer was always LOVE.

Dragon Goddess

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