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If you Watch Pornography Your Mind Has Been Hijacked

Trigger Warning

I’ve been holding off making this post because every time I speak about this subject the people lose their shit and get super defensive.

I’ll probably lose some followers but here it guys need to know this!

You need to take your power back around your sex.

So listen up!

If you watch pornography your mind has been hijacked. Read that again.

So right now you are probably triggered, please read on and know this, there is great power in your sex and the dark forces wish to hijack your power.

They use porn to program your sex and to create more Normalization around pedophilia.

Don’t believe me? Porn normalized shaving the vagina. A vagina with no hair is the same as a little girl. ✅

Porn has put in the spotlight over sexualizing certain types of women. Asians, teens, etc. Small tiny child sized women. (I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the sexuality and beauty of small women, I’m saying they are primarily what is seen in mainstream porn that is being programmed in your mind. Women as close to the size of a child. ✅

The violence: The majority the mainstream pornography demonstrates a submissive female and dominant male, and typically words and actions related to using her body anyway he wants, regardless of her receiving pleasure.

It related to normalizing pedo in that a child body is not made for sexual intercourse and so when a child is raped is pure pain and suffering. Main stream pornography makes this pain and suffering look sexy.

So you watch porn to pleasure yourself, stroking faster and harder, desensitizing your cock, watching more and more intense porno to keep your mind stimulated, know that this is programming your sex.

Porno has been the only sex Ed available for most people.

It’s training you to drain yourself of your own powerful sexual energy.

You don’t gain power by a quick dopamine fix- whether self-pleasure or a casual hookup, neither require your presence as a man. If porn is where you get most of your sex, your sex and your mind are no longer yours.

You take your power back when you stop engaging in pornography, then the healing can start.



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