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How you’ve been programmed into Racism

Trigger warning

We can find the truth so easily right under our noses.

It’s so simple.

Have you ever seen animals fighting over color?

Probably not. Animals do not have racism.

Neither do little children.

Little children playing together are color blind.

It’s when we are told stories, story’s that open our awareness to these differences, thats when the programming begins.

After hearing a story we choose to build energetic attachments to those stories to create our “ID”. This is the egos establishment of individual identity.

Some will even choose to build their identity around racism. Feeling the power in the separation, using victim consciousness for manipulative purposes can feel powerful to the ego.

And where your thought goes energy flows.

So you begin to “energetically project” your reality with your thoughts.

And thus creating a reality that will validate racism.

You witness racism, or worse, you experience it. And that adds another container to the story train.

The story train that gets longer and longer the more of your energy flows to those thoughts.

Then these attachments to stories are now validated because “you saw it” or “it happened to you”. Ah ha! The ego has set the trap and you are buckled in for the ride!

When we lead from the heart, the heart already understands the energy signature, and it remembers. The pain comes from detaching from an attachment, releasing any power it was holding and relearning heart consciousness rather than victim consciousness.

It’s an act of self-love as well, as doing this you must heal your anger and wounds. You must love all sides and transmute the energy from the experience, honoring it while letting it go.

If you toss your energy into the racism fire, you build that fire, creating more of it in the world. You highlight and grand stand the differences. You create that contrast and it becomes your self fulfilling prophecy.

Take your power back.

Forgive yourself, forgive others, and detach from the limiting stories of the 3D matrix. You are limitless light and love!

Color blind is the way of light and love. Racism is a cancerous tumor meant to disempower all those who engage in it- it’s a tool of the dark side.

So moving forward now you consciously choose, your energy like a log, which fire are you going to throw your log on?

The one of separation ?

Or the one of love?

The choice was always yours.


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