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Coming out of the "Conspiracy Theory" Closet

Conspiracy Theorist: a Derogatory term,invented by the CIA, meant to detour influence not of the mainstream narrative. The term is used as an AI weapon in mind-control through mainstream culture...

Although it’s more of my soul mission on this planet to be that bridge for your Great Awakening!

I’ve been preparing for years.

I’ve been trying to wake people up to the corruption in every system since 2006, with a focus on food/drug and September 11th 2001.

Now our whole world is locked away in their homes, masking their faces and bending the knee to countless acts of tyranny.

I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve been saying all along it’s time for a revolution.

And so yes, the Time is now.

I have lost friends, relationships and been ostracized many times for speaking up in the past and I’ve held myself back from doing more, until now.

Because nothing can hold me back from the very mission my soul came here for.

New Earth is being birthed.

Nothing is what it seems.

News Sources have been absolutely scandalous and I’m sick to my stomach over it.

The time has come for civilian journalism.

And so I will be doing a lot of Civilian journalism, uncensored, with principles, values, emotional intelligence and sources/links to news findings.

Going all out to wake people up.

Not for profit. Not for fame. Not for any political party.

For love because despite how much I trigger you, I love you, I love people, And I love America.

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