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Business set to Take a Radical Shift in 2020

A trend in business is coming that you may not be aware of.

You may laugh now, but mark my words, this is a future prediction I’m seeing very clearly.

Values. Values. Values.

The future is transparent and will love businesses with values, ethics, morals and principals.

The Nu Earth of 5D is coming and the bias is for love and soul growth. IN this time Karma will increase for those with dark purposes.

Self-expression and sovereignty and self-awareness will be the new trend.

Self-awareness requires values and business leaders need to start now to develop their emotional intelligence.

It starts with living your life from a place of your own heart centered truth of values.

This will be the future of business.

A rise in the feminine energy is taking place on Earth now. More flow, more creativity and more abundance is coming.

Nu-Earth will host those who love and reflect healthy attitudes, behaviors and habits that are inclusive, nonviolent, and promote/sustain the nurturing of life.

It’s all sacred, and rightfully protected by the goddess!

Empowered women speak, but this time with the voice of the Goddess.

And you WILL hear this message in the depth of your very being.

Governments, businesses, corporations, relationships, marriages, churches, everything you SEE now in this 3D world of structure is about to go BOOM.

And if your heart is not in it...

If you are harming others knowingly and willingly...

If you are excluding or prejudices...

If you are putting out a bad or low vibe in the world...

Your business will start to lose money and popularity.

You will start to notice less and less power for the corrupt...those using toxic behaviors to manipulate and leverage others will start to lose their power.

Those who use predatorial tactics, put pressure on you, try to guilt you, or play on your fears.

Those who manipulate vulnerability.

Use toxic behavior to leverage their agenda through someone’s heart felt vulnerability, they will lose their power.

Money will flow where energy goes.

So when the masses flow their energy to their values, that is when those not heart-centered will feel as though the rug has been pulled from underneath their feet. Poof! Out of business, just like that.

Heart-centered, value-based, Soul-missioned, Love-aligned businesses that are being started now, or have already been operating, will start to see a new abundance they never dreamed possible.

The amount of billionaires in the world is about to double, triple, quadruple!!!

This isn’t just hope, this is energy, The Rise of the Goddess and grab your popcorn cause it’s going be a Great show.

The question is, where do you stand now with your Values?

Is it time to invest in yourself as a leader?

Is it time to invest in your business to re-wire the culture?

Well yes, the time is now to do that!

Angelic realms enrolling heart-centered entrepreneurs now.

Are you being called?

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